Mixing Black & White

Mixing Black & White is an art.

There are images that capture that talent and my heart.

A stunning hanging lantern, beautiful farm table….

I swing from dark to light, but what a beautiful journey it is.

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Life with a French Duchess

In the mean time, a bit of inspiration from my wanderings on the streets of Paris are keeping her pacified.

I hope that you enjoy these half as much as I did.


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Living With Found Objects

Among all the words that can be used to describe a space, happy means the most to me.

Decor can be elegant, modern, sleek or feminine……but if it doesn’t make you happy something is missing.

I am huge fan of incorporating found objects in a space.

It doesn’t matter if they are from a weekend flea market or a favorite vacation, these pieces bring individuality to a room.  

They don’t have to be expensive or rare, they just need to hold meaning for the person choosing them.

Each and every one of my trips to France added something to my decor.  

Whether a piece of tattered lace or a painting pulled out of an old warehouse, something came back home with me……the only criteria was that I loved it.  

These found objects became more than just a part of my home……they became a connection to something that made me happy.

No matter what was happening in my life at the time, a glimpse of one of these finds and I was immediately back in the memories of my time in France……

…..and how can you not be happy in a space filled with the things that you love?
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