The Little Black Book of a French Woman

The Little Black Book of a French Woman is a closely guarded secret.


This carnet d’adresses contains the detail of every boutique, seamstress, butcher, winery, florist, salon and food shop that she holds dear.  It is how she hosts a stellar dinner party, why she is perfectly coiffed and where she finds the most extraordinary pieces for her home.


French society post monarchy was based on equalizing the population.  Never again would the classes be at such extreme odds.

However being equal doesn’t have to mean that all things are equal and no one knows this more than a French woman.


To share a name with you is a sign of respect….of letting you in to her circle of trust.  It doesn’t happen easily and it definitely does not happen if you ask.

You must be patient.


France is a word of mouth country.  Many of the best places to eat, sleep and shop are not found on the internet.  They are locations whose names are passed along verbally.  Their reputations have been built over time and they have a steady, comfortable pace of business.

In other words, they are happy with what they have and prefer to retain the quality and service that they are known for.

To find these sources you have to be willing to put in the time and effort to unearth them.



Do I have my own carnet d’adresses?  Absolutely.

It has been built up over years of travel and refined by years of living here full time.

My recent time in the north of France was spent driving and testing possible additions.  Many new addresses made it in to my book.  Many did not.

After all, a French woman needs to keep her standards high, n’est ce pas?

All photos via my french life board


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Views of France

Views of France…..the road trip is winding down and I am flipping through images taken over the past days.

From quaint village bistros


to stunning XVIIIeme interiors


to the chicness of Paris


and the charm of the countryside.


It’s always nice to have a moment to stop and take another look at what has been captured during the journey.


Today is the last free day in Paris and it coincides with the European holiday commemorating the end of WWII.

Being in Paris for the occasion brings an entirely different perspective to the day.

4+ years of occupation is something most of us can not fully comprehend.

Souviens Toi

Happy weekend to all….


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Fleaing France on the Road in France

Fleaing France on the Road in France

Every once in a while I feel the need to live up to my name.  Fleaing France.


A road trip is the quickest way to satisfy my craving.

At the moment I am in the midst of one of these ventures…..along with scouting out locations for the shopping trips that are tentatively scheduled for 2016 (click to be added to the list for more information).

There have been long stretches of countryside, quaint villages and local markets to pass the time.


My heart still belongs in the 18th century stunner that I was fortunate enough to call home for 3 days…..I think a piece of it will always be there.


My splurge of the trip has been indulging my longing for a piece that had both the age and patina that I craved.


The late 1700’s/early 1800’s gardening table ticked all of the boxes and is now tucked safely away in the back of the van awaiting the voyage to its new home in the south of France.

More brocantes and shops await so until then…..


à bientôt !

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